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Davcar Host Agency offers one of the most comprehensive Hosting  Program in the industry. Our primary focus is to help you grow and build a successful business. Armed with vast industry connections and a deep level of support, our Independent Contractors(IC) are the best in the industry. The moment you become a member, you will learn  everything you need  to know so that you can succeed as a  Travel  Advisor and entrepreneur. Having  a command of the products you sell  creates success and also instills confidence in you with your clients.
More importantly, is  the more knowledge you have about the products you recommend to your clients, the happier your clients are going to be with you and your services.

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Training begins once you sign on with us. We recognize that everyone learns differently, so our training and education opportunities are as diverse as the world you are selling. We will walk you through  each step and provide as much assistance as you need, depending on the package you choose to  participate in. Some of the training is self-paced which means it can be done on your own time. Even with self-paced, you can always depend on us for support. You’ll leave with renewed passion, energy, and the confidence to take your business to the next level when the training is completed.


After you enroll, we will get your account set up so you can access:

  • Your Travel Agent Portal

  • Your Travel CRM for managing contacts and bookings

  • Your Personalized Website

  • Our Weekly blog

During this time, you’ll also be able to start your registrations with all our suppliers. Rest assured our support team will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Click Here to start your enrollment process. Prefer to speak to someone on the phone? Give us a call at 888-434-4473



As a new agent at Davcar Host Agency, there are some simple forms you will need to complete in order to legally work as an independent agent with us.

These requirement can sometimes overwhelm the new agent even with experience. 

Here are the simplified steps you will need to take to  help you to get started as quickly as possible. Once completed, you should have all the legal  requirements  taken care of and out of the way. Now you can relax, and get right into  your training and later start earning commissions.

Let’s get started…

Please download these PDF forms, complete and return them within 5 days by  email: admin@davcartravelexperts.com


Direct Deposit

Agent Agreement